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ONE TIME OFFER: If you’re thinking about running a webinar, have run them in the past, or currently run them now either live or evergreen you know how much work it takes to get someone to register for your training. Ensuring that you get the highest percentage of those registrants to show up is KEY to getting more sales out of your webinar presentation that you worked so hard on. These are the same emails we send out to every single one of our registrants who register that come from paid traffic. The emails you will get will give you the ability to instantly increase your webinar show up rates by copy and pasting each one into your own webinar sequence. This is not something we sell anywhere else on our site or in our own marketing. You can ONLY get it right here, right now, on this page. If you get just one sale as a result of implementing these emails.. would you say it was worth the one time investment of $37? Check the box above to add this to your order today and I will instantly send you the emails and login to your new account.

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Getting Started & FB Ads Overview
  •  What YOU Need To Know and Not Know
  •  Connecting Your Fan Page
  •  Payment Method & Spending Limits
  •  Adding Additional Ad Managers
  •  Ad Manager VS Power Editor
  •  Setting Up Your Pixel
  •  What Is A Facebook Pixel?
  •  Adding Your Pixel To Funnel Pages
  •  Adding Your Pixel To Your Webinar Software
  •  Custom Conversion Setup
  •  What Is A Custom Conversion?
  •  Webinar Registration Conversion Setup
  •  Facebook Custom Audiences
  •  What Is A Custom Audience?
  •  Setup All Site Traffic Custom Audience
  •  Setup Webinar Registration Audience
  •  Setup Calendar Booking Audience
  •  Setting Up Your Ad Campaigns
  •  What Is A Facebook Ad Campaign?
  •  Setup Your Ad Campaign
  •  Setting Up Your Ad Sets
  •  What Is An Ad Set?
  •  Setup Your Ad Sets
  •  Building & Creating Your Ads
  •  Ad Creation Overview
  •  Video Ads VS Image Ads
  •  Complete Ads Setup Tutorial
  •  Ad Examples & Creative
  •  Targeting New Cold Traffic
  •  General Targeting Strategies
  •  Using Existing Website Traffic
  •  Using Existing List Of Contacts
  •  Using Existing Registrants (After 100+)
  •  Advanced Retargeting
  •  Pushing Back To Your Calendar
  •  Video Viewership Retargeting

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